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Patch note 28/04/2015

  • Classes moved to a separate folder #1

Patch note 24/12/2014:

  • Added Features support to export entity types

Patch note 29/11/2014:

  • Rewrite generator
  • Add english support for generator

Patch note 16/06/2014:

  • Delete hook_hook_info replaced by calls to module_load_include

Patch note 13/06/2014:

  • Fix: REQUEST_TIME added to the created property during entity creation
  • Add support for hook_action_info

Patch note 11/06/2014:

  • Add relationship views for uid entity property
  • Add support for hook_menu

Patch note 02/06/2014:

  • Add permissions (view/edit/delete own entity type)
  • Add uid entity property in schema (hook_install) and feed with global $user during entity create
  • Add support for hook declaration through separated files

Patch note 22/05/2014:

  • Fix file naming rule .tpl.php
  • Add support for plural form
  • Isolation of entity admin view code
  • Add views handler for date type properties (create and changed)


  • Need work on admin views for better efficiency (VBO, etc ...)
  • Questions/Suggestions ? Contact us